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     Sun-Star Electric L.P. is a Texas corporation established in 1977. It began as an authorized distributor in the United States for Hitachi submersible motors. We expanded to become Hitachi's largest distributor and only authorized, warranty, repair and manufacturing facility in the world besides the factory in Japan. In the early 1990's we began manufacturing Sun-Star Motors for special and standard applications.

Industries and Markets Served

  • Vertical Pumps
    • Agriculture
    • Municipal
    • Industrial
    • Mining
    • Offshore - Drilling and Productions
    • Power/Energy
  • Electric Power Plants
  • Sub Sea
    • Exploration
    • Dredging
    • Offshore Oil
    • U.S. Military
  • Ultra-Pure Water
    • Desalinization
    • Power and Energy
    • Electronics
  • Special application
    • High temperature
    • Low cooling flow
    • Corrosive environments
    • Non-standard voltages
    • In-situ (leach) mining
    • Reverse Osmosis

Scope of Sales Territory

     We serve the entire United States and International markets.

Facility and Industrial Standards

     Sun-Star Electric L.P. is a fully equipped manufacturing facility, with 90%+ of all fabrication, machining, winding and testing accomplished in-house at the Sun-Star Electric L.P. facility. We have 60,000 square feet of indoor space in our building.